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    “I drive it like I stole it”  I actually said that to the car salesman who was asking about my current lease at the time. I always loved the idea of racing, calculated recklessness.  I’ve been to the 500 and love going to the F1 Grand Prix in Austin, but never had the guts to try it out for myself; too afraid of the vehicular damage.  I got as close as I’ll probably ever come to actually racing a few Saturdays ago, when Daran and I went out to Maxwell, TX  to check out a rally car race or rally.  We had no idea what to expect though we were promised a ride along with some of the racers.  I asked Daran ‘doesn’t our weight affect their time?’.  Well, this is a bit more rugged than F1 racing and while shaving seconds and hundredths of seconds off your time is the ultimate goal, rally is open to any car with a driver willing to test its limits.  Those with an even crazier sense of recklessness bring a rental car to test their skills, just don’t tell Enterprise Rent-a-Car.  


    We arrive at a dirt track managed by a race enthusiast named Kevin and his sister decorated rally pro, Brianne Corn, who both host the monthly races. Kevin was a former prop specialists in the film industry so the property was littered with mannequin body parts.  Heads were attached to farm machinery, torsos acted as lawn ornaments and a fully upright mannequin was the figurehead of the track, eye gouged out and clothing optional.  Oddly enough, none of it seemed out of place.  

     _MG_6880Daran and I got the chance to take a spin with a few drivers and it left us with quite the rush.  Check out our day at the track…